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Dog Training

Dogs are what led Preston Mann into the hunting business. As a dog trainer, he knew that dogs would stay sharper if their owners could hunt them over a longer season. Preston lobbied the State of Michigan for a longer hunting season, providing more days of recreation for hunters and more training for the dogs.  

Features of our Dog Training Operation Include:

  • Four trainers with more than 100 years of combined professional experience
  • 1,000 acres of contiguous training grounds offering a variety of terrain
  • One-on-one trainer-to-owner instruction bimonthly during your dog’s stay
  • Sanitary and comfortable housing for your dog
  •  24-hour vet care
  •  Pickup and delivery available for boarding clients
  •  Climate controlled indoor boarding available
  Dog training is available to both members and non-members. Our full-time staff, made up of four professional dog trainers, work with pointing, retrieving breeds, and flushing breeds.

Whether you desire basic obedience for your companion or a finished gun dog for the field, woods, or marsh, we will get the job done. We require a commitment from the owners to participate in the process so that they develop the skill set necessary to realize the full potential of their dogs.

Call us to arrange an appointment to tour the kennel, to have your dog evaluated, to schedule training or boarding, or arrange for private lessons.

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Apr 30, 2018
Last Day of the Hunting Season

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